Just When You Thought …

I’m taking a little break from my pro-life/pro-family blogs to comment on American politics. Since I am not American, I usually don’t dedicate much space on this blog to the topic.

However, there’s one thing I have to say. How could any group of people be such idiots as to favour Donald Trump as the best possibility they would put forward as a candidate their nations leader?

Before Donald, there was a brief period (a month or two?) in which the Republican nomination campaigns were being dominated by people like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. Now, the Republican line up was far from picture perfect even then, but I’ll admit that I actually like these two. More to the point, however, I had allowed myself to build up a little illusion that regardless of who the final pick was for the Republicans was, he couldn’t possibly be a worse choice than Hillary Clinton – and, in all likelihood, many times better.

So I thought. Then came Donald.

People praise him for being outspoken and direct. Those are good qualities only in the sense that they help you to see what a person is really made of. So, yes, I am happy that Donald Trump is outspoken and honest. It has helped me to see that he is a racist idiot. We know that he has financially supported people like Hillary Clinton, and actively supports abortion. His outspokenness has also helped us see that he is obnoxious and stupid.

So, why would anyone who considers themselves conservative support this man? In fact, I’m sure as a president he would be entirely incompetent in solving the nations biggest challenges, like illegal immigration. Being loud and obnoxious doesn’t mean that you’ll have competence in solving the problems you’re being loud and obnoxious about. In fact, I suspect it would mean the opposite.

Yet, he is currently the front-runner in the Republican nominations.

If the Republicans nominate Donald Trump, I really wouldn’t be able to see any preference in who wins. They’d be giving the country the choice between an jerk and an asshole. Needless to say, my little illusion has been shattered. At this moment, I can’t say I have more confidence in the Republican Party than I do in the Democratic Party – and that is very, very little.

For the sake of the US and (not to mention the rest of us) I hope the Republican Party pulls its head out of its ass and nominates a candidate that will not only give Hillary Clinton a run for her money (she has a lot of it) but would actually make a better president than she would.

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