5 Reasons Why Catholic Alternatives to Halloween Won’t Last (and What We Should Do Instead)
In Canada and the US, it’s become somewhat common for Catholics to look for alternatives to Halloween or to redefine
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Brexit, The Economic Elite & Morality
To start, I need to clarify that I support the globalized economy and stability that the EU stands for, and
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The Gospel According to Kurt Cobain
Recently, for the first time in a long time, I heard Nirvana’s song, Lake of Fire, again.  As I told
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Some Thoughts on Canada’s Elections
So, most people I know already know that Justin Trudeau was not my Prime Minister of choice, nor the Liberals
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Just When You Thought …
I’m taking a little break from my pro-life/pro-family blogs to comment on American politics. Since I am not American, I
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Pro-life, Pro-famly – Part II – The Basics
Last post, I have an overview of what “pro-life” and “pro-family” mean. Today, to expand on this I am going
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Pro-Life Pro-Family
Pro-Life, Pro-Family – Part I
The words pro-life, pro-family and the like get used often, and it seems the meaning vary somewhat.  My use of
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